Derek Lam for Mark Cross

The story of Derek Lam and Mark Cross began years ago while Lam was studying literature at Boston College.    Since that time, the storied handbag company had always held the designer's interest, as did the history behind the brand.  "I was fascinated by the Twenties -- Fitzgerald, Hemingway, and the Murphy family."  Mark Cross was owned by the Murphy family during that era.  Gerald and Sara Murphy, whose friends included the two prolific authors among many others of the Jazz Age, "represented a life of ease and pleasure without ostentation."  

Originally beginning as a harness and saddler company in 1845, Mark Cross flourished from the early 1900's to the 1950's.  Revered for the craftsmanship as much as the design, the company found a loyal following in those looking for beautiful handbags without a lot of fuss.  The small Grace box, as it's now known, was made famous when Grace Kelly pulled her peach negligee from the bag in Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window.  "The glamour and roots of Mark Cross personify luxury to me," Lam says.  

For the collaboration, Lam drew inspiration from two classic Mark Cross styles; the Grace box, and the leather Scottie satchel.  "Classic elegance, a sublime refinement, with an All-American spirit is the hallmark of this brand," says Lam, "the Mark Cross legacy has been an enduring touchstone for my own work."  With this in mind, we present to you Derek Lam for Mark Cross, a beautifully crafted collection that is timeless and the epitome of elegance.  

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